Friday, January 8, 2010

Becoming a ghost

On Tuesday, I told the recruiting company and the company I work that I had a new job and would be leaving. There was some talk to determine my motives but no serious counter-offer. It was interesting watching the social network of the workplace in motion. I told my supervisor in person at 6:30 and my recruiter by e-mail at 7:00. I told no one else in case I was going to be made ‘an offer I couldn’t refuse’ and also to let my employers frame my leaving as they thought appropriate. Some companies like to play ‘truck’ with employee departures, as in ‘Get out now. We’ll treat you as if you got hit by a truck’. Talking to or making eye contact with some of my co-workers later that afternoon and Wednesday, I could tell that they knew, but no one wanted to mention it to me. On Thursday, I asked a couple of co-workers if they’d heard and they had. On Friday was a formal announcement was made. A few people wished me well, but you could feel the subtle shift of not talking about future projects because there are no future projects for me. It is as if I’ve become a ghost, with presence but not really there.

2010 Resolutions Progress as of 1/8/2010
Stationary bicycle 14 miles (511 miles to go)
Pushups - 240 (7760 to go)
Blogs - 2 (98 to go)