Sunday, February 7, 2010

Defending Jeremy

  My friend Jeremy Madison is an recent graduate of the U of Iowa in mathematics and anthropology and a fine chess player. He has a chess blog and in September challenged the viewers of the site to play a vote chess game against him. Jeremy allowed the viewers 3 days to vote and then he would make the move the next day. In my opinion, this was a big handicap for Jeremy. He should have allowed himself more than 1 day to consider his move. I've played Jeremy twice under tournament conditions. The first time in 2005, we played a very complicated game which was spoiled when I allowed a mate in one. In 2006 Jeremy was beating me badly until I managed to scrape a draw in the endgame. Here is the 2006 game:

  Dogged defense save a half a point. The same happened in the vote chess game:

  Chess against Jeremy is always tough, but it is fun knowing you can feel good just by getting a draw.

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