Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beagle Puppy update

3 weeks in, Daisy and Baxter are part of the family!

  Today we will have had our new puppies, Daisy and Baxter for 3 weeks, even though it already seems as if we’ve had them forever. The new puppies have energized the entire household as we all work together to train and enjoy them. 2 weeks ago the vet found that Daisy and Baxter had worms and gave them a pill. The pill irritated Daisy’s stomach and she started passing blood in her stool so she got some special food to help her stomach heal. When they went back to the vet, different kinds of worms and parasites were found, and so now the pups have new medicines to take. Aside from the worms and stuff all puppies get, they are healthy, putting on weight, getting longer and leaner and have great appetites.

  Kathy and I bring Daisy and Baxter up to our bedroom when we go to bed at night. We put them in a folding fence that we have shaped into a 8x8 foot pen that goes in a spare area off the bedroom. After 2 weeks, Daisy and Baxter were only getting up once or twice a night. Kathy and I (sometimes) would get up, play with them a bit to tire them out, and they’d go to sleep. Lately, the pups have started getting up more often and have been whining and screaming until we come over to hang out with them. We’ve been trying to ignore them to see if they’ll go to sleep, but so far they’ve outlasted us. Who’s training who? During the day, we bring the folding fence down to the kitchen and the dogs seem pretty settled without too much supervision there so we may just leave them their when we go to bed this weekend.

A fight to the finish!

  Matt has been playing sock and glove games with Baxter to get him to stand on his back 2 feet in order to force him to use his foot that has only the one toe on it. We all play a lot with Daisy and Baxter, but they love to wrestle with each other. Baxter is bigger than Daisy, but Daisy is much quicker so their battles have a lot of give and take. As beagles are prone to do, they whine and whine whenever their food is being prepared and when they get it, whoever finishes eating first scrounges over to the other bowl to steal an extra bite or 3. At some point they’ll discover the refrigerator! They leave Oreo the rabbit alone for the most part on the rare occasions they escape their pen, but Daisy ate some of his cedar chips and had an upset stomach one day.

  Except for trips to the vet, we’ve only taken them out once on Christmas weekend to visit a family down the block who we used to chat with when we walked Queenie and Tuffy. Walks won’t start till spring and I can’t wait.

Dinner time. Daisy and Baxter race to finish first and then gobble up the other's food.

  Kathy and I try to take pictures or video of Daisy and Baxter every day. In a few years, we will look back and marvel at how small the dogs were. Speaking of marvels, I find it amazing that when we got Queenie in 1994 every roll of pictures cost a few dollars to buy and develop and mail to your friends, but in 2011 I can take pictures with a digital camera, store them on a laptop, and post them on the internet in minutes for all to see and it costs nothing. This is the world of the future.