Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A year in the life

  After over 2 years of 'solo blogging', I am happy to introduce Broken Pawn's first guest bloggers. Today's blog was a collaboration written by Daisy and Baxter (Beagle) Anzis

  We were born on a farm. I don’t remember much about being a little baby except all 3 of us lived in a cramped carrier crate with our mommy and hardly ever saw our Daddy. Mommy was all brown and almost red and Daddy was a champion show dog with a big wide nose. Mommy chewed the toes on my back foot. I don’t know why but I only have one toe on that foot and I had a hard time walking on it.

  One day our crate got taken into the kitchen and when it got dark 3 people I never saw before came in the house. I got taken out of the crate and they started handling me and petting me. It looked like they were going to take me with them when the farmer lady showed them Baxter and said she couldn’t sell him so if they knew anyone that wanted him they could have him for free. They looked at me and the skinny one picked me up. I fit right in the palm of his hand. The next thing we knew, we were both in a strange car for a long trip. I think it was long but I don’t remember much because I went to sleep.

Here we are with Kathy. We love her.

  We got taken into a house and there was a little pen for us to stay in and another person in the house that came over and started petting us. They called me Baxter and my sister Daisy. We missed the farm and our mommy a little but it was warm in this house and there were a lot of new smells. They had 4 cats all living in the house and even a giant rabbit. I’d never seen a rabbit before. He looks smaller now. The older people (Hank and Kathy) took us upstairs, covered us with some blankets and we went right to sleep except Baxter started crying and woke everyone up. Did Not!! You’re the one who would cry and wake everyone up!! Well anyway, someone (Baxter) would wake up 3 or 4 times a night until Hank or Kathy would get out of bed and settle us down. Now we sleep almost all night except when we hear a noise and start barking like crazy.

  Every day, we got taken downstairs to the kitchen and Kathy would feed us. One time Kathy dropped me and I landed on my head and started crying because my head hurt. Kathy comforted me, but Hank started singing the song from the TV commercial “I have a structured settlement but I need cash now. Call JG Wentworth 877-Cash-NOW!!” Me and Kathy were mad at Hank at first, but I felt better after a little bit and we all laugh about it now. We would lay on Kathy, and then she would leave for a while and Hank would play with us until we fell asleep on his lap. Then Kathy would come home and Hank would leave until it got dark. Matt and Ben would come to play with us and they’d leave too but they’d get back before dark. We’d sleep a lot and when everyone came home, we’d play with them.

  We went out a few times but it was always so cold we had to go back in. But once it got warm Hank took us out after we ate in the morning, Kathy took us out during the day, and Hank and Kathy both take us out when Hank comes home. Every night we walk a few blocks and see if Mindi the Cairn Terrier can come out to play. I like to hang out with Mindi and we play with each other. I like when we visit Becky. She rubs my tummy! Becky is the lady who lets Mindi out of Bill and Marilyn’s house. They’re Becky’s parents and are 90 years old and they come out and pet us whenever they can.

  I can make Hank laugh just by looking at him and he hardly gets mad at us. What about the time we outsmarted him and ate his salad? Oh yeah, that time he got so mad, he locked us in the kitchen and wrote about us on his blog. Once we turned 6 months old, he started taking us for long morning walks when he doesn’t dress up and leave for the whole day. We go to a place called the Jiffy and he gets a coffee and we get beef sticks. We both love beef sticks and we find all kinds of stuff to eat on the street, sidewalk, and grass. Then Hank calls us scrounges. We have so much fun on our morning walks that Kathy gets up and walks with us for beef sticks and when it’s hot, we all go to the Kum and Go in the afternoon. Kathy and Hank get sodas and we get beef sticks. I love beef sticks. YUM!!!

  Kathy gets mad at Daisy when she barks on our walks and she was mad at me on Monday when I jumped on her and broke her computer, and she gets mad at both of use when we tear up the potty pads or try to eat out of the cat box or chew up the remote, but I just look at her with my cutest face and she can’t stay mad. I just pretend to go to sleep and she forgets how nasty and snarly I get when I bark at anything that moves. If she’s a little more upset than normal, I open my eyes, look at her, give a big yawn that says ‘I’m tired’, and go back to sleep. It works every time. She never minds if I bark when we run into Shirley, though.

Daisy's faster, but I'm not slow.

  When it was really warm, Matt and Ben would stay home all day and play outside with us, but now Matt has started staying away for a long time. Ben still plays with us a lot and when Matt comes home we give him extra attention because we miss him so much. He makes Hank and Kathy take us to a pond where there is a big field and lots of goose poop. YUM!!! Matt takes me for runs when we go to the pond. He can almost keep up with me, but Hank gets out of breath after a hundred yards. Sometimes Kathy leaves us alone in the house. She tries to lock us in the kitchen and bribes us with bones, but I climb over the cage and chew things up. I try to remember to bring Baxter something to chew up so I’m not the only one who gets in trouble. He can’t climb over the cage because of his foot.

Going to the pond is so much fun!

  Today is our birthday. We each got a pig’s ear, a new toy, and some canned dog food. I didn’t know what a birthday was before, but I sure like them now. I love living here and because my brother lives here too I'm never alone and always have someone to play with. I like birthdays too. I didn’t know before why I had to have a foot with only one toe on it, but now I understand that is was so I could live in a great home with my sister and people who love me and take good care of us.

Happy Birthday, Daisy!
Happy Birthday, Baxter!