Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beagles and Burgers

  Well Baxter, Hank is off to play chess again so we get to do another guest blog. Hank said he wasn’t going to play chess, Daisy. He was going somewhere called Okoboji to direct chess, whatever that means. That not the point. Since Hank knew he needed us to fill in for him this weekend and since so many people liked our last blog about all the places we go to eat beef sticks, Hank and Kathy spent the last 3 weeks taking us for… BURGERS…YUM!! …so we could tell you what we thought of all the different kinds of burgers. YUM!! BURGERS!! I LOVE BURGERS!! YUM!!

There are always fun things to find at the pond,
but nothing like what you can get at the McDonalds drive-through!

   There were lots of rules about getting a hamburger. First, we had to drive to the pond and walk around it 3 times… That’s so Baxter wouldn’t get fat. I’m thin enough that I could have just eaten the burgers and no one would have noticed, but Baxter is starting to put on the pounds… AM NOT!! I’m big boned! SURE you are…. Anyway, after we took our big walk, we drove to McDonalds and got a McDouble. We’re only allowed to get items that cost a dollar. Kathy wouldn’t just let us eat the McDouble in the car. We had to take it home first. The McDouble has cheese and onions and pickles and ketchup and mustard. We’re not supposed to eat onions so Hank had to scape a lot of stuff off the burger before we could eat it. Hank got a McDouble for himself and he didn’t scrape any of it off. And he gave us each a bite! YUM!! Hank gave some of the bun to Oreo and ate the rest of the bun himself. The McDouble has 2 meat patties and Hank gave each of us one. Mine was very tasty, but it still tasted like onions and I didn’t like the onion taste. I liked my McDouble. It was meaty and greasy. YUM!! I think I got the patty that didn’t have any onions. I’m giving the McDouble 4 paws. I’m only giving the McDouble 2 paws because of the onion taste.
McDouble - 3 paws 

The McDouble tasted like onions, but it's better than dog food!

After a long workout walking, a BK Stacker is quite refreshing, even without bacon!

  The next week we went for a long walk around the pond and then we went to the drive thru at the Burger King for a BK Stacker. After the messy McDouble, Hank and Kathy ordered the Stacker with nothing on it except meat. Hank got a BK Stacker for himself and when we got home he gave us the patty from our plain Stacker and it had kind of a burnt taste, but it was good. YUM!! I liked the burnt taste, but then when Hank had his BK Stacker it had BACON on it. I love bacon and I was sad there wasn’t any on ours. I love bacon too. Hank and Kathy really dropped the ball on this one, but Hank did give us some of the bacon on his BK Stacker. YUM!! It was the least he could do. I’m going to give the BK Stacker 3 paws but it might have been 4 if ours had the bacon and cheese on it like Hank's. I’m going to give the BK Stacker 2 paws because I didn’t like the burnt taste, but if they send me another one I may reconsider.
BK Stacker - 2.5 paws 

The BK Stacker tastes a little burnt but went down smoothly!!

When Matt visits, we get lots of exercise...
but that just makes us hungrier for a Cheesy Cheddarburger

   2 weeks ago on Easter Sunday, Matt came for a visit and we all went to the pond. Matt ran with me and Baxter and played with us while we walked around the pond. We only had to walk around the pond 2 times because Hank wasn’t feeling so good and wanted to go home. But on the way home we stopped at the Wendy’s Drive Thru for Cheesy Cheddarburgers!! YUM!! Hank got a Cheesy Cheddarburgers for us and him and a chicken sandwich for him. When we got home, Hank tried to pull off the Cheese from the burger, but there was so much cheese he finally gave up and gave us the burger, cheese and all! I LOVE CHEESE!! YUM!! The burger was good too. I give Wendy’s 4 paws. I love cheese too and the burger was moist without any burn or onion taste. I give the Wendy’s 4 paws also.
Cheesy Cheddarburger - 4 paws 

Wendy's Cheesy Cheddarburgers are really good!!

   Burgers are nice, but I like beef sticks better because we get to walk to the store and try to find food to scrounge. I’d rather have the burgers. It’s fun to ride in the car and I like walking around the pond and barking at other dogs and people walking around. Hank’s coming home late tonight and staying home from work tomorrow. Maybe we can take a walk for a beef stick and go to the pond for a burger. That sounds like a good compromise, Baxter. YUM!!