Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Time

We turned two on Thursday.
Here's some of our presents!

  Well Daisy, it looks like another year has gone by and now we’re two years old. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Baxter! Hank said we could write his blog this weekend for our birthday. I wanted to do a taste comparison of all the different type of fried chicken but Hank and Kathy wouldn’t take us out to get all the different kinds of chicken we need. I wanted to compare pizzas. YUM!!! I love pizza! We can walk to 4 pizza places and all the other ones deliver, but they said no to that too. I guess now that we’re not as young as we used to be, they don’t want us to overeat. Hank didn’t even stay home on our birthday and when he did come home, he went to play chess. Hank said it was his chess night, whatever that means. They probably don’t want to take us out for chicken and pizza because when we find a chicken bone on our walks they take it away from us real quick. They say that it’ll make us sick and then they reach into our mouths and pull the little pieces of bone out. I‘m mad they wouldn’t take us out for chicken and pizza taste tests. After all, our blogs comparing the different beef sticks and hamburgers were some of Hank’s most popular posts this year. And writing is easier with a belly full of chicken or pizza.

Presents!! Turkey!! We love Christmas!!

  Right after our birthday last year, Kathy put up a tree in the big playroom and everyone decorated it. They put packages underneath the tree, but yelled at us whenever we tried to see what was in them. After around a month, they opened the packages and Kathy cooked a giant turkey and all kinds of other food! The house smelled great! Most of the packages were presents for Kathy, Hank, Matt, and Ben. But Baxter and I each got some toys and a big bone. After we played with our toys and chewed our bones, Kathy’s mom came over, everyone ate and then Hank took apart the turkey and put it in a bag. But he also gave us lots of scraps. YUM!!! I love turkey! YUM!!!

  Yes. The turkey was so good. I wish Kathy would cook turkey more. It was cold for a long time after that but Hank still took us for a walk every day before he left us for work and on the days he didn’t leave he and Kathy would take us for walks to the Jiffy and Kum & Go to get beef sticks and coffee.   I love beef sticks! YUM!! I don’t mind walking when it’s cold but when the ground is covered with snow there isn’t as much food to scrounge and the vomit stands out so Hank and Kathy see it and don’t let us eat it.

We lost a good friend in Mindy, but Abby is our new friend.

  We were sad in January because our friend Mindy got sick and died. Mindy was the Cairn terrier that lived with our friends Bill, Marilyn, and Becky. We used to visit her almost every day. That was sad and I still miss Mindy, but a little later they got a new Cairn terrier named Abby and now we go to visit her.

  When the weather got warmer, we went for more walks. Sometime we get beef sticks three times in one day. Matthew was hardly ever home, but when he was we got to go to walk by the pond. The pond is so much fun. There are all kinds of smells and people and dogs to bark at! I don’t like to bark at the people and dogs, but Daisy starts and then I can’t help myself and start barking too. Hank and Kathy get really mad at me when I snarl at everything that moves and start barking. Sometimes I get a spank. But they know that we’re dogs and can’t help but bark. When we don’t bark at someone they praise us and tell us what good dogs we are.   My favorite thing to do on our walks is to try to catch squirrels, I try to creep up on them and when I’m close enough I lunge at them. I haven’t caught one yet, but someday I’ll catch a squirrel. Last week I found a squirrel foot on the ground. I started chewing on it, but Kathy took it away. I was so sad.

I'll catch a squirrel somday...

  Hank and Kathy take good care of us. Hank brushes our teeth and cuts our nails. When Daisy had a rash on her lips Kathy took her to the doctor and smeared white stuff her lips 2 or three times a day. Kathy also takes us on a big walk every morning past some basset hounds. Basset Hounds are funny looking! Hank always gives us some of his food and Kathy gives us peanuts! I love peanuts! YUM!!

  In the summer we went to the doctor, but instead of just staying there for an hour like normal, Kathy left us there for a whole week while everyone else went to New Jersey for a vacation! At first we were scared, but after a while we got used to it and spent all day barking at all the other dogs that were there. I hope the next time they take a vacation we get to go along with them. The doctor didn’t have any beef sticks! When we got back home we got a lot of attention. I think they missed us a lot.

  For our birthday, we got some bones, some beef stick treats, toys, and a can of dog food for dinner (we always have dry dog food). Monica and Katie are going to pay us a visit next week. I like when Monica and Katie come to visit us because then we get extra attention. We love extra attention. Daisy hangs out with Kathy and Monica and Katie rubs my tummy. I love having my tummy rubbed!

Monica and Katie pay lots of attention to us when they visit.

  It’s been a fun year. I’m looking forward to our next birthday already, Baxter! Me too, Daisy! And soon it will be Christmas and we’ll have more turkey! YUM!!