Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On The Street Where We Live

Hank and Kathy will never have an empty nest as long as we're around!!

  Hi Everybody! It's Daisy and Baxter with another blog for our readers. AND we had our Birthday on Friday! Happy Birthday Daisy!! Happy Birthday Baxter and thanks to all our fans for the birthday wishes and especially Hank and Kathy for getting us dog toys and premium dog food out of a can for our birthday! YUM!! I love premium dog food out of a can. But I love broaster chicken more!! YUM!! I was so sad when we found out there would be no Haley’s chicken for our birthday this year. Hank’s been on a bit of a health kick lately so we haven’t had a lot of chicken from Haley’s. That’s right Daisy. Hank’s been doing pushups every night and isn’t opening the refrigerator nearly as much as before. I saw him looking at the scale one morning and he said ‘WOW – I’m almost as fat as Baxter!!!’ DID NOT!! DID SO!! DID NOT!! Well anyway… It’s been a weird last few months, Baxter. Yes it has. Matt and Ben were around a lot when it was warm but then Matt left and we hardly ever see him. A few months ago, Kathy and Ben left for a whole week and then Ben didn’t come back with her. We were worried but then we heard him on Kathy’s computer and felt better. I think he was doing a SKYPE whatever that means. Last Sunday morning when we got up for our morning walk to the Jiffy for beef sticks, Hank and Kathy woke up an hour late! They played around with all the clocks and when we went for our last walk of the day, it was dark! They called it Daylight Savings Time, but we have less daylight than before… With all this weird stuff happening, it’s good that we have so many friends that we see on our walks, Daisy. Our friends are very important to us. We look forward to seeing them and letting them pet us and they like seeing us too. Sometimes our friends rub my tummy. I LOVE HAVING MY TUMMY RUBBED!!

Here are our friends from down the block: Becky and Abby, Marilyn and Bill, and Mary.

  When it’s warm outside we almost always see Bill and Marilyn, their daughter Becky, neighbor Mary, and their dog Abby on our last walk of the day. They’ll be on the porch enjoying the weather and talking. Hank and Kathy stop by to talk and Daisy and I get petted. I like to play with Abby the Cairn terrier. Her birthday is just a week after ours. She doesn’t like Baxter very much and runs inside when she sees him because he tries to sniff her lady parts. How rude! That’s not why she goes inside, Daisy. She goes inside because you start barking like crazy at everybody that walks by on the sidewalk and that scares her. I’m just protecting us and being a good guard dog. I wouldn’t have to if the ‘man’ of the house would bark at the strangers. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I go over to Marilyn and she rubs my head and Bill says ‘Hi Baxter, old boy’ and he rubs my head too. If I’m lucky, Becky will rub my tummy! I LOVE HAVING MY TUMMY RUBBED!! Bill and Marilyn pet me too. They enjoy seeing us and always thank us for stopping by. They aren’t on the porch very much now that it’s cold but we’ll see them again when it warms up.

Sometimes Shirley pets us and other times she RUBS OUR TUMMIES!!!

  Another friend we see on our walks is Shirley. After we go to the Jiffy on Sundays to get our beef stick treats and Hank’s coffee we might see Shirley on our way back. Shirley lives around the corner from us and goes to the Jiffy to get her newspaper and get money for the old cans and bottles she picks up. At first, we were scared of Shirley because she always had this bag of noisy cans and bottles with her. And she's always hugging Hank and Kathy. I don’t like people getting too close to them. We got used to the cans and bottles and hugging and started wagging our tails when we saw her. Then she started petting us. Now not only does she rub my tummy, sometimes she get down on the ground and KISSES MY TUMMY. OH BOY!!!

We like it when Monica and Katie come over to visit!

  Since we can’t open the door we don’t invite many people to visit us. Luckily Kathy and Hank invite our friends Monica and Katie over to visit every few weeks. I really like Monica and Katie, Baxter. I let them both pet me and then I hang out by Monica while everyone talks. I like them too Daisy. I hang out with Katie because all I have to do is look at her with my big eye look and she’ll rub my tummy. I LOVE HAVING MY TUMMY RUBBED!!

  There’s a lot of other people we see on walks like Vince at the Jiffy and Rich and Roger and Joanne and Kirk and we like to see them too. We didn’t forget about them – we just don’t spend as much time with them. There are also a lot of other dogs we see on our walks, Daisy. Yes, right down the street is Ella the German Shepard. Kirk owns Ella and he plays with her in the front yard of the apartments they live in. Kirk throws this big ball and Ella chases it. Sometimes Ella brings the ball to Hank to throw and when she does I growl at her! Hank’s mine!! Ella is always nice to me and I’m not jealous when Kathy throws the ball – it’s a girl thing I guess…

When we take our noon time walk we see Spike the big dog. Spike is a giant bulldog. Sometimes he runs along the fence and sometimes he is chained to a post in the ground. There are some kids that live with Spike but I never see them play with him and Spike looks kind of lonely. But over the summer Spike’s owner got him a friend to play with. Kathy calls him Peanut and Hank calls him Spikelet. I’m glad Spike has a friend to play with. He seems pretty friendly even if he is so big that he can be scary. It would be nice if Spike would get out for some beef stick treats once in a while.

Ella, Spike, Peanut (or Spikelet), Sponky, Husky, Romeo, and Sam are some of the dogs we meet on our walks.

There are plenty of other dogs we see on our walks. On our morning walks we see Sam the big dog and three basset hounds. One of the basset hounds is named Romeo and they all bark at us when we pass by. On our afternoon walks we see Mocha and Napoleon and Sponky. Mocha and Napoleon stay in a pen in their backyard and Sponky is tied to his back porch. We see them get a walk every so often and we like to bark at each other. There are lots of other dogs we see on our walks like Binky and Baby and the Husky down the block. I wish more of the dogs we knew could take more walks, Baxter. That’s right, Daisy. Most of the dogs we see barely get any walks and even the ones that do don’t get beef stick treats. We’re very lucky to get four or five walks a day and get so many beef stick treats on the weekends.

Here are the other house pets: Oreo, Harry and Mr. Feathers, Tippy, and Sneezy.
I'm keeping my eye on Sneezy.

Aside from the friends we see on our walks, we also have a few friends in the house. Yes. There are these two birds that stay in a cage all day except for a few hours in the morning when Hank and Kathy let them fly around. Their names are Harry and Mr. Feathers and they can be really noisy sometimes. The birds try to stay away from us but sometimes they fly to the ground. I used to try to say hi to them but I got yelled at so much that I don’t do it any more. I like the birds because Kathy gives them popcorn and she give me some too. YUM!! I love popcorn!! There are also the two cats, Sneezy and Tippy. Sneezy goes all over the house and tries to scrounge food from Hank along with us. I always chase Sneezy away when I see her because I don’t want anyone scrounging my food! I like Tippy a lot better because he is sick and stays upstairs. Tippy has an ear problem and he doesn’t like to move around too much anymore. So he just stays upstairs. I like Tippy because since he can’t climb all his food stays on the ground and I get to scrounge some when I get a chance. I love cat food! YUM!! Our other pet friend is Oreo the rabbit. When we first came to live with Hank and Kathy, Oreo was much bigger than us but he was always nice to us so now that we are twice as big as him we are nice to him. Oreo has half of the kitchen to run around in and comes running when Hank opens the refrigerator. When Hank eats his morning carrots he gives some to Oreo and us. Hank also shares the sandwich he makes for lunch with all of us. Oreo gets some bread and we get some lunch meat. I love lunch meat! YUM!!

We had a really nice birthday and Hank put some of our pictures on Facebook (You can see them here). A lot of our Facebook fans liked our pictures and wished us a happy birthday, but now we won’t have a birthday for a whole year Daisy. Baxter, that makes me so sad because I love our birthday so much. But we do have Thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks. I love Thanksgiving, Daisy!! Kathy makes a whole turkey and except for us Hank is the only one who eats turkey – that leaves more for us! YUM!! I found out some even better news Baxter! Grandma is coming for Thanksgiving and she’s bringing half a smoked turkey!! OH BOY!! A TURKEY AND A HALF!! YUM!! I LOVE TURKEY!! YUM!!