Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beagle Cuisine

It's time once again to hand the reins of the Broken Pawn over to America's favorite beagles - Daisy and Baxter who will share their thoughts on a topic close to their heart.

Hi Everyone! It’s Baxter…  and Daisy with another blog post for our readers  I think our readers could use some cheering up after Hanks last few posts, Daisy.  Indeed Baxter – all Hank seems to write about lately is people dying or television shows where people die. I’m very sad about not seeing Marilyn around but being dogs we don’t really understand too much about death.  That’s right Daisy. I’m sure the next time we see Marilyn she’ll be as happy as ever to see us.  And in the meantime we’ll see Bill and Becky and Abby and Hank and Kathy take us on lots of walks.  Life is sure good Daisy. And do you know what one of the best parts of good living is?  That’s easy Baxter! Food!!  Yes! Food! We love food and in this blog post we decided to share some of our favorite food items with our fans. 

Our favorite food is the sandwich Hank makes to take to work.  That’s right Daisy. Hank makes a sandwich every morning so he can eat it at work.  And he shares his sandwich with us, Baxter. First Hank gets the bread out of the cupboard.  He gives some bread to Oreo the Rabbit but we don’t get any bread.  I don’t know why Hank doesn’t give us any bread Baxter. We get bread when we go to the duck pond with Hank and Kathy.  I don’t know either, Daisy. It’s too bad because bread is my favorite food when that’s all there is to eat! 

While Oreo the rabbit gets some bread, we get the baloney!! YUM!!  Kathy gets Hank and us only the finest baloney from the Fareway store!

Anyway, after Hank puts two slices of bread out the fun really begins!  OH BOY!! After the bread is out Hank opens the refrigerator!  And he takes out the BALONEY!!  YUM!! I love baloney! YUM!! Kathy gets baloney for Hank every week from the Fareway grocery store!  Hank takes out two giant slices of baloney and puts them over the bread.  But there’s a problem Daisy! The giant slices of baloney are too big for the bread. That’s where we come in.  Hank tears off the parts of the baloney that won’t fit on the bread. Then he breaks it into little pieces and throws it to us.  YUM!! I love baloney!! YUM!!  I always catch my baloney and Baxter always misses. Hank says you can’t catch a cold, Baxter.  I just get excited and jump too early. Sometimes the baloney bounces off my nose and ends up over the fence where Oreo stays. Then I can’t get it.  Lucky for you Hank picks up the fence so you can get your baloney. One time the baloney bounced off your nose and went straight into my mouth. Hee…hee. That was a good day!  Good for you. Not for me. 

After we have our baloney, Hank goes back to the refrigerator but this time he puts away the baloney and gets out the cheese! YUM!! I love cheese!! YUM!  I like cheese too Baxter but not nearly as much as baloney. Kathy gets all different kinds of chesses at the Aldi so there is quite a variety unlike the baloney which is just…well…baloney.  Hank takes three slices of cheese out of a package and puts two and a half slices of cheese on his sandwich and then he gives us the extra half slice! YUM!!  Oreo the rabbit gets a little piece of cheese and we get the rest. Hank throws the cheese to us. Just like the baloney I always catch mine and Baxter misses his.  You don’t have to rub it in. I catch stuff once in a while! YUM!!! 

Hank gives us some cheese and puts some on the sandwich. Add a little lettuce and the sandwich is complete!  Hank makes the best sandwiches in the world! YUM!! 

After Hank puts away the cheese then he takes out the lettuce.  He gives Oreo the rabbit some lettuce but we don’t get any. That’s OK though because lettuce is one of the few foods I don’t like.  Hank tried to give me some lettuce once but I didn’t like it. Lettuce, pickles, and mushrooms are some of the very few foods I don’t eat.  There’s just one thing I can’t understand Daisy?  What’s that, Baxter?  Why Hank doesn’t just eat the sandwich when he makes it. I wouldn’t wait until I was at work before I ate a baloney sandwich.  Well, we’ve never worked Baxter but I imagine it’s so awful that Hank saves the sandwich until he gets there to cheer him up.  Like us getting a beef stick treat after our walks, Daisy?  Something like that but not quite, Baxter. 

Another one of our favorite foods is pizza! YUM!! I love pizza!  I love pizza too, Baxter. Almost every Sunday Kathy calls the Casey’s and orders a big cheese pizza.  She doesn’t get any meat on it because Kathy doesn’t eat meat. I don’t understand that.  I don’t either but luckily Hank eats meat or else we’d be the world’s only vegetarian beagles.  They probably wouldn’t let us be beagles if we didn’t love to eat meat.  Well that will NEVER happen, Baxter. We’re beagles and we love meat. But we also LOVE cheese pizza.  A few minutes after Kathy calls she leaves the house and we hang out with Hank and wait for the pizza!  Waiting is so boring but we don’t have a choice if we want to eat some pizza.  It is boring but after a little bit Kathy comes back with a box full of pizza! OH BOY!!  Casey’s pizza is normally full of cheese but last time it was mostly burnt sauce. I was so sad. 

After waiting for what seemed like hours for Kathy to get back with the pizza.... It was all burnt! Still pretty tasty, though... 

We were sad but Hank was really upset. Maybe he’ll go to Dominos from now on for our pizza needs.  He probably would have if the Dominos was still a few blocks away but they moved to the south of town near the Wal-Mart a few months ago.  Anyway, Hank gets three slices of pizza and we crowd around him until he gives us some!  We always get some of the crust and Hank also gives us some of the cheese.  Once Hank is done then we crowd around Kathy. She doesn't like us crowding around us but she almost always gives us some pizza to get rid of us.  That just makes us crowd around her more!  Of course we do. After all, we are beagles. HELLO!!  YUM!! I love Pizza! Even this week’s shriveled burnt out pizza! YUM!! 

Kathy cooks food all the other days except Sunday.  Hank never cooks, Daisy! I wonder why that it is.  He heats up a can of soup occasionally and but that’s about it.  Sometimes Hank opens a can of corn and eats it out of the can. I wonder why Hank never cooks.  That’s easy Baxter! If you could make a baloney sandwich anytime you wanted why would you need to cook anything?  That’s right! I forgot about that! I love baloney sandwiches! YUM!!