Friday, May 26, 2017

Boarded Beagles

I’m still exhausted from writing about my trip to Idaho so it is time once again to turn the pages of the Broken Pawn over to those most literate of beagles – Daisy and Baxter – who were none too happy about being left behind for the weekend.

Hi Everybody! This is Baxter… and Daisy and we are two very upset beagles. That’s right! Uh…what are we upset about Daisy? About being left in the Happy Tails Kennel while Hank and Kathy went to Idaho to see Ben graduate from college. Oh. I forgot. But it's no wonder I’m so upset, Daisy. We went to the Happy Tails a few times over the last few weeks but I thought it was so we wouldn’t be stuck in the house when Kathy played tennis and Hank was working. I thought maybe Kathy was having Tupperware or Pampered Chef parties at our house and didn’t want you around practicing your annoying new habit trying to hump on our guests’ legs. I think she didn’t want you annoying everyone by howling and barking every time someone walks part our house. Well, anyway Baxter, we didn’t go to Happy Tails because of tennis or parties or Hank working. We went to Happy Tails so we could get used to them and they could get used to us. Yes, we went there to make sure Kathy and Hank could leave us there for a whole weekend.

We thought we were taking a nice car ride... but we ended up at Happy Tails for a loong weekend!

I remember two Thursdays ago like it was yesterday. We got up early like we always do. But instead of Kathy going to exercise and Hank walking us, both Hank and Kathy walked us, Daisy! And we got a beef stick treat. I was a little confused because I knew it wasn’t a weekend but I thought that they just wanted to something special for us. That’s a reasonable thing to think. After all we are super cute and lovable. And lots of fun, Baxter. Don’t forget how much fun we are. And literate, too! Just look at this blog. There’s lots of reasons why someone would do something nice for us!

After our walk Hank and Kathy put some bags of clothes in the car and we went along with them! I thought we were going away for a long day trip to the duck pond! I thought we were going to a restaurant for a breakfast sandwich. But instead we stopped at the Happy Tails. And Hank and Kathy left us there! I was so sad. They said they’d be back in a few days but I felt very lonely. I missed them too. But the Happy Tails wasn’t bad. There were lots of neat smells. And plenty of dogs to bark and howl at. And we got to sleep together at night and hang out with the other dogs in the big play area during the day.

I missed my couch. Even when I'm relaxing I keep guard.

What did you miss the most about not being home, Baxter? I missed my couch! There were no couches at Happy Tails. There’s nothing like having a nice soft couch to take a nap on. And taking naps is what you do best! I am very good at it, aren’t I? And we have three couches to choose from! My favorite couch is the one where I can see the street from the window. That’s so you can bark at everything that passes by the house. Well, someone has to protect the house. You’re always sleeping. Sure I am. It’s what I do best! You said so yourself.

Don't you just love Steven Seagal's steely glare? He's so dreamy...

What did you miss the most, Daisy? I missed the television, Baxter. Not only does my favorite seat give me a view of the window, it is also right by the television. Television makes me sleepy. Most things make me sleepy. I love television. Why just last week Hank brought home a movie by our favorite actor Steven Seagal. I love Steven Seagal. Not only is he tough – he is a great cook in the ‘Under Siege’ movies! Steven is so dreamy! The movie Hank brought home was the 2014 classic ‘Absolution’. Steven looks at everyone with his steely glare. And he shoots and beats up dozens of bad guys, I bet. He sure does! Steven rescues a beautiful girl that is 45 years younger than him from an evil ambassador in the Ukraine and shoots and beats up everyone to do it. But does he eat anything? He was just about to go to a restaurant to get a great meal but he got sidetracked by some bad guys he had to beat up. They deserved it for interrupting a restaurant scene. How does the movie end? Steven and the beautiful girl that is 45 years younger than him settle down in an apartment in Central Park and he stares at her with a steely glare. Sigh… The only thing missing was a beagle. Yes. A pair of beagles would make their lives complete. Steven is probably a great dog owner except he’d probably put us in a kennel every time he had to shoot or beat up bad guys. That would be a lot of kennel time.

The baby geese keep getting bigger and bigger! They're so much fun to watch!

Do you know what I thought about the most while we were at Happy Tails, Baxter? No, But I’ll bet you’ll tell me. I was wondering when I would get to see the baby geese at the duck pond again. I was thinking about other things but I missed seeing all the ducks and geese. The baby geese were born less than a month ago. At first they were very tiny but now they are almost the size of their parents! One of the parents is the goose with the very crooked neck. Do you know what I like best about the duck pond? The bread? THE BREAD! Kathy brings bread to feed the ducks and geese and she give us some bread too! YUM! I love bread. Bread is OK, Baxter, but I’m looking forward to the beef stick treat we get after feeding the geese a lot more than some bread. I know but when bread is all there is it’s my favorite food! I think whatever is in front of your nose is your favorite food.

We got a car drive AND hamburgers from Burger King! YUM!!

Speaking of favorite foods, when we were at Happy Tails all I could think about was Hank and Kathy coming back and taking us to Burger King! Oh yes! Last month Hank took Kathy to get the $1 Onion Rings and they took us with them to get $1 hamburgers. It was an awesome trip! We went through the drive-thru! We ate them in the parking lot while they were fresh. They were so good! I’ll say. It was the best hamburger ever! I was dreaming about it on Sunday afternoon and before I knew it the Happy Tails person was taking us out to the front of the building. I thought she could read my mind and was going to take us to the Burger King. I was hoping we were getting some outside time but instead it was Hank and Kathy picking us up! I sure was happy to see them again! It was a long three days. We wagged our tails and took them outside and licked their faces over and over because we were so happy. I was hoping they were going to take us to Burger King for another hamburger but instead we went straight home. And then we took a walk to the duck pond to see the baby geese! I wanted to go to Burger King and get a hamburger. I’m sorry Baxter. Maybe Hank and Kathy will take another trip soon and when they pick us up from Happy Tails we can get a hamburger next time. OH BOY!! I can’t wait. I love Burger King Hamburgers! YUM!!!

After a long weekend we finally got picked up and went back home!