Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just as the Yankees have survived an odd late September road trip by beating the Angels 2 of 3 while the Red Sox have been losing 2 to the Royals, I have survived 3 weeks of Marshalltown Thursday Night Blitz Chess. Out of the regulars, only my son Matt out ranks me, so that means as far as the precious rating points go, I have nothing to gain and everything to lose. So far I have not been upset, but it is great to have a tournament to look forward to every week.
Watching the Sunday and Monday night football games should reinforce the obvious. Peyton Manning is a winner and Tony Romo is a loser. Of course 5 years into his NFL career, Manning was also a loser who couldn't win the big game, just like Elway was 17 years into his career. All Romo needs to be called a champion is a Super Bowl ring. I remember in 1985, Phil Simms made a costly fumble in the fourth quarter on Monday Night against Dallas at home to cost the Giants a game to go to 1-1 in the young season. Of course, the Giants ended up winning 16 of the next 17 games and were Super Bowl champs. Let's see if Romo can duplicate the ending of the story. So far it is a perfect copy.

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