Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Beagles Blog

  I'm taking the day off from blogging so I can play in the CyChess tournament today in Ames, so I've once again called on my substitute bloggers, Daisy and Baxter (Beagle)Anzis. Their last blog was well received (Click here to read it!) and I know they've been working hard on this blog and we all hope you enjoy it.

  Hi! This is Daisy and Baxter again. We wrote a blog for Hank last November and when Hank went to somewhere called Ames to play chess today he asked us to write his blog for him. Hank does a lot of chess things. On Fridays he leaves the house right after our morning walk to play chess before work. I think Hank teaches chess when he leaves early, Baxter. He also misses our Thursday Night walk because he plays chess at the Salvation Army and sometimes Kathy takes us there to visit him. I don’t know anything about chess except the pieces don’t taste very good, but Hank seems to like it a lot.

  For today’s blog we decided to review the beef stick treats Hank and Kathy take us to get on our walks. We go to the Jiffy early in the mornings when Hank doesn't dress up and leave for the day. We go to the Kum & Go when the weather is nice and Hank is home during the day. And once in a while we stop on our regular nighttime walk for some beef stick treats at the Depot.

The Depot only has Slim Jims for beef stick treat lovers.

  We don’t normally stop at the Depot because Daisy barks at anything that moves and there are so many people and cars there and at the Laundromat next door. I DO NOT bark at everything that moves; only people and cars. And noises and bushes and trees and shadows and…anyway, sometimes Hank stops at the Depot and gets a big bottle of Ice Tea for himself and some beef sticks for us. The beef sticks at the Depot are small and greasy. They’re so greasy that Hank has us lick the grease off his fingers after we’re done with the beef sticks. The reason the beef sticks at the Depot are so small is because they’re Slim Jims. Hank says they spend so much money on advertising and packaging that they skimp on the size. I like getting the beef sticks at the Depot because it’s so close to home, but since we walk there every single day, there isn’t very much new garbage to scrounge. I give it 2 paws. For once I agree with Daisy and give the Depot 2 paws also. I don’t like not getting any new smells or finding new garbage.

The Depot – 2 paws

We have to pass the beautiful courthouse on our way to the Jiffy.

  Our next beef stick place to talk about is the Jiffy. We go to the Jiffy at least twice a week. The Jiffy is very far away. We have to walk past 2 bars to get to the Jiffy and sometimes there is vomit on the ground. YUM! Kathy and Hank always pull us away from the vomit, but unless it rains it stays on the sidewalks for weeks. Last month there was nacho cheese vomit on the ground and I got some once. YUM! Hank and Kathy get real mad when we eat the vomit but since we’re dogs we can’t help ourselves. Hank always gets a cup of coffee at the Jiffy and the beef sticks are really good. YUM! The beef sticks are the Jack Links brand and are really good. Sometimes they are dried out, but the Jiffy parking lot has lots of good stuff to scrounge. We take a different way back from the Jiffy and there is even more stuff to scrounge. YUM! I give the Jiffy 4 paws. Me too! Not only are the beef sticks large and there is lots of stuff to scrounge, but sometimes the Jiffy clerk gives us chicken strips, too.

Jiffy – 4 paws

  Our last stop is the Kum & Go. It’s on the north side of town and we go there when it’s warm so Hank and Kathy can get a soda. When we go to the Kum & Go, we go north and walk along a cemetery for 2 blocks. There’s not very much garbage to scrounge, but there are lots of neat smells. I don’t like crossing the busy street to get to the Kum & Go. I don’t like the busy street either but their beef sticks are the best! They are also the Jack Links brand, but they are always tasty and never dried out. Yes, they’re just as big as the Jiffy’s and never dried out. But the best part of going to the Kum & Go is the walk home because we get to pass the…Haley’s! I’ve never been inside the Haley’s but sometimes Hank goes in and when he does he always comes out with some fried chicken! YUM! I love fried chicken even more than beef sticks. I’m giving the Kum & Go 4 paws because on the way there yesterday I found a piece of chocolate and when I was there I got a beef stick and on the way home I got to take a bite out of a dead animal and an egg! I’m giving Kum & Go 3 paws because I didn’t get anything but a beef stick on the entire walk.

We walk along the cemetery to get to the Kum & Go where the beef stick treats are always fresh!

Kum & Go - 3.5 paws

The beef sticks at the Kum & Go are great, but Haley's Broasted Chicken is a special treat!

  So the Jiffy is our beef stick trip of choice, with Kum & Go second and the Depot third. I hope Hank plays chess again real soon because maybe we can compare different kinds of fried chicken. Or Pizza! Or Hamburgers! YUM!