Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Half a Birthday is Better Than None

  After my 4 part blog about the Okoboji Open, I needed a break from blogging, so I want to thank my guest bloggers for once again stepping into the breach...

Daisy (l) and Baxter(r) Anzis. The most prolific Beagle bloggers in Marshalltown, Iowa, The United States of America, The Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth, and possibly the entire galaxy.

  Hi Everybody!! This is Daisy … and Baxter… with another guest blog. We were supposed to have our blog in the Broken Pawn over two weeks ago. But then Hank just kept writing on and on and on about this Okoboji place and he wouldn’t stop so we missed it!! What Baxter is talking about is we turned 2 and a half years old two weeks ago today. We wanted to write about what kind of presents we wanted from all our fans, but thanks to Hank and his Okoboji posts now we’re old news and we probably won’t get any presents at all.

When you're this cute,
what's a little gray?  
    I got a present – I found some gray hairs in my eyelashes. It’s a good thing I’m so good looking that I can afford a touch of gray. Speaking of afford, the veterinarian said -- and I quote ‘you couldn’t afford to gain another ounce’. She also said you need a muzzle because you’re so loud and yappy but somehow you left that part out probably because everyone says that. DO NOT!!! DO SO!! DO NOT!!!

I don't bark....much
  Anyway, we were deciding on what to write about since Hank ruined our half birthday by writing about the tournament that wouldn’t end. And then Hank started to talk about going to play chess at the Jackson Open on the last weekend of August. We thought this might be a lot of trouble because if he starts writing about the Jackson Open like he wrote about Okoboji we could miss our chance to write our birthday blog on NOVEMBER 8TH. We don’t want to miss our NOVEMBER 8TH BIRTHDAY blog post. So for our blog today we'll talk about what we would like for our BIRTHDAY on NOVEMBER 8TH.

Baxter searching the Internet
  I thought a lot about what I want for my BIRTHDAY on NOVEMBER 8TH and I decided most of all I would like Beef Sticks!!! YUM!!! I LOVE BEEF STICKS!!! Baxter – we get beef sticks every weekend except when Hank goes to Okoboji or the time when everyone went on vacation and they didn’t take us and we didn’t get beef sticks for three weeks. I was so sad. That’s my point, Daisy. If Hank and Kathy go away we don’t get beef sticks and don’t forget about the time it rained. I forgot about the time it rained. We didn't take a single walk. I was really sad that day. I want some beef sticks for my BIRTHDAY on NOVEMBER 8TH too! I’ve been doing some research on the Internet and I found a web site that will send us a pound of beef sticks every month for only $36. YUM!! I saw you 'researching' the Internet and I didn’t see any beef sticks on the screen. Uh...I did research on a lot of topics, Daisy and I did find a beef stick of the month web site (It's right here). If you say so, Baxter… Anyway, the site is called Fat Bobs and you can join the Beef Stick Club of the Month and have the beef sticks shipped to us. There is a one pound minimum per month but if you just send us the money, we’ll have Hank order the beef sticks and we promise to thank you while we're eating them. If enough people send us beef stick of the month birthday presents, we could have a pound of beef sticks every day, Daisy! I’d like that a lot, Baxter. YUM!! I LOVE BEEF STICKS!! YUM!!

We love Beef Sticks so much we lick our lips just thinking about them!!

  There are lots of different beef stick flavors and I want to try them ALL!!! I don’t think that we should get any of the HOT beef sticks, Baxter. Remember how sick you got last week when Hank gave you some Jalepeno Bologna? URP…I remember now. Maybe I’ll pass on the ‘Ring of Fire’ beef sticks and stick with Original and Turkey Mild flavors. And if you don’t have a credit card, you can go to the Kum & Go and get a convenient 36 pack of beef sticks for only $18. Kum & Go finished second in our beef stick taste test last year (Here is the link). YUM!!

  Another handy present would be some nice dog bones. Whenever Kathy and Hank leave us alone in the house, we each get a dog bone to bribe us not to tear apart the kitchen. Most of the time we get rawhide bones and we like them but they’re not very much fun. My favorite kinds of bones are real bones that used to have real meat on them. YUM!!! Yes, Baxter. When we get real bones we can chew them and chew them and they stay bones while the rawhide bones turn to mush. So when you go shopping for our birthday on NOVEMBER 8TH, get us some nice bones that will last a long time. We’ve included a picture of some ham bones that we like but there are lots of other kinds. I like the beef bones the best. I LOVE BEEF BONES!! YUM!!

  There’s one more present I want, Daisy. What’s that? I don’t like having to make Kathy have to feed us all the time. I know, Baxter. Sometimes she gets busy and we have to wait to be fed. And if she leaves for the afternoon, we have to wait for Hank and he is pretty lazy about feeding us. But I saw this feeder and it could feed us for a week at a time. That’s a nice thought, Baxter. Then Kathy would have more time to get us treats instead of having to feed us. And then I could eat ALL THE TIME!! YUM!! Uh – I mean then she wouldn't have the extra burden of having to feed us.

  There’s a present I’d like to get Baxter since he’s starting to get some gray hair. I don’t want to say this too loudly but Baxter is having a slight incontinence problem. I did some searching on the internet myself and found something called a ‘Washable Male Wrap’ (it’s really a diaper) that I’d love to give him on NOVEMBER 8TH. Just make sure you mark the package ‘ATTN: Daisy’ and I’ll be sure to wrap it up and give it to him.

What a beautiful sight!
  I’M RIGHT HERE, YOU KNOW!! I might have a few gray hairs but I don’t have any other problems, thank you!! As long as Daisy brought it up, there’s a present I’d like to get her – a muzzle to keep her from barking at everything that moves on our walks. Here’s a picture of the muzzle I’d like to get her and what it would look like on her. You don’t have to wait until NOVEMBER 8TH. You’d be doing all of Marshalltown a big favor by getting it to me as soon as possible!

  Dream on, Baxter. No way am I wearing a muzzle. I just hope Hank doesn’t spend two months writing about the Jackson Open so we have a chance to ask for presents again a little closer to our BIRTHDAY on NOVEMBER 8TH.   YES!!! NOVEMBER 8TH. I CAN’T WAIT!! YUM!!