Friday, October 30, 2009

Good pitching and bad umpiring in New York

  The first two World Series games show that runs will be very hard to come by. The Yankees advantage in home run power really shows up when there are 3-run homers, not solo shots. Rivera's arm will fall off if he has to keep pitching 2 innings at a time, but the way the Hughes, Robertson, and Bruney pitched Wednesday, it may be our only hope. If A-Rod can come through in the series the way he did against the Twins and the Angels, the Yankees will win easily. He is struggling with the slow pitching of the Phillies. I am buying the notion that this is a different A-Rod from years past and that he is going to come through for the Yankees.
  Major League Baseball is going to have to go to some sort of replay system. This is the worst umpiring ever. In the 7th inning with runners on first and second, Damon smacked a liner to Howard, who caught it on a short bounce. He threw to second for a force play. If he thought he had caught it, he would have jogged to first for the easy double play. The umpire called it a catch and after Rollins fumbled Howard's throw for awhile and tagged Posada, it was a double play and inning over instead of bases loaded and 1 out for Texieria and A-Rod. Luckily, the Yankees got a big break on an umpire's bad double play call in the next inning, ending the inning instead of having Ryan Howard up with the tying runs on. Every game, the umpires are screwing up games with their bad calls. I'd hate to be on a job where my every mistake is displayed in front of millions, but I wouldn't mind the paycheck.