Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr. October!?

  Another clutch performance by A-Rod to lead the Yankees to the sweep. The pitching has been very good (excepting Hughes who has choked and been bailed out twice) and the hitting has been clutch. It should be a great series vs. the Angels.

  It was nice to see Pavano choke it up by giving up 2 homers up once he got the lead. He took the Yankee's money and didn't perform until the contract was almost up and he needed to perform enough to hook up with another team. Some guys can't take the pressure of New York and he is one of them.

  Good bye to the Metrodome. I thought it got a bad rap. It was a cool stadium, unlike every other domed stadium of it's time with the baggie in right field, the white ceiling causing lost fly balls, a home run park, the great crowds, and an unrivaled home field advantage. They never lost a World Series game there, going 8-0 in 1991 and 1987.

  I'm getting ready for the Ames Chess Festival in 2 weeks by doing 100 tactic puzzles a day and playing guess-the-move out of The Art of Chess Annotation Vol.4 BY C.J. Purdy. Maybe there is room for 2 Mr. Octobers.