Monday, May 25, 2015

NBA Conference Final Predictions - Game 4

  I'm either getting the hang of the NBA conference finals or getting lucky since I won both my game three predictions. I picked under 220 points in the Warriors-Rockets matchup. While the Warriors did their best to make me a loser with 115 points the Rockets more than made up for that by being held to a playoff low of 80 points. I predicted the Hawks would try to up the pace and they did play a faster game using Shelvin Mack at guard instead of Dennis Schroder as I had thought. A 60 point third quarter made my prediction of over 190 points a nearly sure thing and that number was hit with 5 minutes left in the game which turned into a Cavaliers overtime win. When I found out Saturday that Hawks' forward Kyle Korver was out for the playoffs with an injured ankle I thought of taking a $10 loss by placing a matching under bet but as I reflected I thought Korver has been shooting so poorly the Hawks would likely score more in his absence.The two wins bring my NBA playoff roller coaster bets to $65 mythical dollars to the plus side. I'm still inclined to stay away from the point spreads and continue playing the over unders heading into the two game four this week. As usual I'll be getting my lines from for entertainment purposes only.

Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets – Game 4 Monday
No one predicted a 35 point blowout for the Warriors in game three. Facing the prospect of getting swept, I imagine the Rockets will give up on their deliberate offense and finally try to outscore the Warriors in an up and down game. I dont think it will work as the Warriors have figured out how to keep Harden from shredding them and will slow the game down until they knock down a few threes to clinch the game. The over/under has moved from Saturday's 215 to 213.5 for game four and I'll take the under for $110 to win $100 since the total points have gone down in each game of this series.

Atlanta Hawks at Cleveland Cavaliers – Game 4 Tuesday
The Hawks were able to speed the game up despite losing center Al Horford to an ejection in the first half. Cavaliers all-star guard Kyrie Irving will probably sit out until a possible game six to rest up as much as possible for a the Finals where he will certainly be needed. The over under like has moved to 193.5 and I will take the over on a $110 bet to win $100. My only concern is that a fight might break out in this game after last night's ejection of Horford for trying to elbow Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova in the face after Dellavedova tried to roll over Horford's knees in a battle for a loose ball. Dellavedova was the player that rolled over Korver's ankle in game two of this series and in the previous series locked up the Bulls' Taj Gibson's legs in another battle for a loose ball. Like Horford, Gibson got ejected for retaliating in a pivotal game 5. I don't know whether Dellavedova is sloppy in diving for loose balls or just a thug trying to injure players or draw ejections for retaliation but messing with a basketball players knees is messing with millions of dollars and I can't imagine this being put up with for long. If the Hawks are getting blown out tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if a Hawk throws a punch at Dellavedova. If the Warriors play the Cavaliers in the finals I expect the Warriors to send a message to Dellavedova early in the first game since one way for the Cavaliers to win the series is if Dellavedova were to roll up on Stephen Curry's knees and knock him out of the series - accidentally of course.

Robert Parish vs Bill Laimbeer (1987 ECF Game 5) by kevin-garnett123

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