Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NBA Conference Finals Prediction - Game 5

  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the NBA conference finals I was given a rude awakening in Game 4 when the Warriors and Rockets combined for almost 70 points in the first quarter alone on the way to their combined 243 points in the Rockers 128-113 victory which made my pick of under 213.5 points the biggest loser of the playoffs so far. I picked over 193.5 for last night's Cavaliers-Hawks game which was touch and go with 145 points scored through three quarters with the Cavaliers leading by 25. I was holding my breath as both teams cleared their benches and rooted as hard as I could for scrubs like Joe Harris, Jeff Jenkins, Mike Muscala, and Kendrick Perkins to get some points on the board and make me a winner. Luckily inept defense won the day over inept offense to get the teams over 200 points and get me a game four split. Still, in sports gambling splits are losses and my mythical playoff ledger has shrunk from $65 to $55 with only one series left to go before the NBA Finals. As usual I'll be getting my lines from for entertainment purposes only.

Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors – Game 5
Yes Rocket superstar guard James Harden put up 45 points and the teams obliterated the over/under line of 213.5 but I think that had much more to do with Josh Smith, Trevor Ariza, and Jason Terry starting the game on fire from the three point line. All teams are impossible to stop when everyone is shooting lights out. I don't think this will happen again and I am tempted to pick a Warriors blowout but instead will stick to my strategy of picking the under and will bet $110 to win $100 that less than 216.5 points will be scored in tonight's game.

My last post's video of Robert Parrish punching Bill Laimbeer was so popular (one person told me they liked it) that I thought I'd share another of 'Laimbeer's Greatest Hits!'

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